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Real Estate, Constructions since 2006 - Santo Domingo, Sosua, Cabarete

Welcome by Aldo Breda and Roberta Contessi,

We first lived in Gemona del Friuli, Italy, and for years we have spent our holidays in search of the ideal place to live according to human rhythms. Eighteen years ago we made the first trip to this wonderful island, then our predominant dream was to leave the Friuli and move permanently just to Santo Domingo. Now we live in Sosua, a beautiful seaside town with all the facilities you need for a good quality of life. We are the reference point for people wishing to move here, giving them assistance about taking up residence, opening a bank account, buying a land, designing and building the home always wanted at an affordable price, evaluating the best real estate opportunities and investment, choosing school for children and so on. We always do our best to meet everybody’s demands and needs, responding to any questions, transferring our experience and professionalism and working only with the best agencies and projects in the area. What’s more, to ensure your investment in total transparency, we also rely just on the best local professionals, Architects, Notaries, Lawyers, Accountants, Manufacturers. For sure you can visit all the places you want, but before you decide, we suggest you to come visiting Sosua too, just to see the difference and finally make just the best choice. Good navigation by Aldo and Roberta 

Chiara and Manuela Sosua

Chiara and Manuela Sosua - Santo Domingo, Sosua, Cabarete

We don’t want to use a lot of words while presenting ourselves, maybe risking to annoy you, but we want to at least make you get the message we’re trying to give you.
We are Chiara and Manuela, two sisters born in the North of Italy, Turin, where respectively running a business and being a primary school teacher.
We have always been two people somehow out of ordinary just for our intimate desire of spiritual independence and so life itself has finally made us take the important decision to leave our Country in order to follow a more open and freer reality, a reality being made of a tropical world where to smile to each single new day isn’t a privilege only for a few people but a habit for everyone.
So here we are now living in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, in an ex fishers’ village called Sosua, a small city that is part of the international tourism by now, but that also still maintains an ancient world’s tastes and beauties: a world made of very kind people always ready to smile, a world made of a simply gorgeous nature offering the most different landscapes, starting from cold mountains up to 3000 meters to the blue and green colors of the Atlantic Ocean.
Yes, all of this has become just our own corner of paradise, with these ones being surely obvious words, but also the most appropriate to give an idea about everything this wonderful place has to offer. To us who live here, yes, but also to anyone willing to make it become his/her choice for a vacation out of ordinary or even better a great investment by buying his/her own Caribbean house.

In fact, with us cooperating with a real estate agency under the name CARAIBICASA, a business working with success in Sosua and other areas for several years by now, we are more than happy to find the perfect solution for anyone being interested about investing in this growing tropical Country.

We wait for your visit at our office in Sosua 

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